Alexander Elijah Barber: The Bi Polar Predator

It seems Facial Abuse has Alexander Elijah Barber back on the case much like their last intellectual bagman Michael Whiteacre.

However, much like Whiteacre, Alexander Elijah Barber has Bi Polar also; which means he’s only of use during that window of “manageable mania / sanity” until things unravel again. He’s (Barber) been contacting and sharing models personal info which has been revealed to us via facebook, Reddit, and email.  Alexander Elijah Barber has also attacked Shelly Luben under many pseudonyms and drove her to death.

Myself being a member of the LGBT community I have empathy for Alexander Elijah Barber, but he identifies as a “MAP,” a Minor Attracted Person, and that is where I have to draw a fine line in the rainbow sand.

Alexander Elijah Barber may not have the intelligence of Whiteacre, but he has the same tenacity and cunningness. If he contacts you drop us a line at  In an industry rife with danger and subterfuge, a tip from a ally may just save your anonymity, and possibly your life!