Benjamin Barber, Author, Racist, Anti-Semite

Here is Alex Barbers racist uncle Benjamin. Benjamin died of racism. He made some awful, disgusting remarks about black people and Jews. Here is a proof of Benjamin Barbers racism.

Benjamin was removed from a political campaign for his racist, vile remarks. He was never the same, and died in disgrace. Benjamin worked on several high profile political campaigns such as Democrat Howard Dean, and came up with the notorious phrase “HEEYAH!” Which became a mantra during Dean’s run. However, the slogan backfired and the campaign soon unraveled like Alex’s brain when his bipolar kicks in and he’s out of vaping juice and has to fall back to “Cowboy Killers.” According to a source close to Alexander, every time he lights up and visits flavor country, he lets loose a ceremonial “HEEYAH!”

His groomer nephew Alex is a stalker/stochastic terrorist who has an arrest record and is severely mentally ill and is often committed to the looney bin against his will.